New look or restore?

Do you want a new look or restore /replicate your old porch?

BBG has restored or rebuilt lots of porches in Toronto.

Just like decks you have a choice of similar materials:

Pt: durable, prone to cracking and splitting but long lasting

Knotty Cedar: About 40% more than Pt

Clear cedar: no knots quite expensive

Exotic woods: ipe, tiger wood,kayu, very long lasting impervious to insects and rot. 3 to 4 times the price of Pt

Pine ,clear or knotty: Most commonly used on on older homes in the gta for painted porches.Clear pine is twice the price of knotty and more stable.

Pvc or composite

Once you have chosen your materal and design we can price your porch.

Things to consider

  1. Material choice
  2. Are your existing joists sound
  3. Do your brick columns need repairing are they plumb /straight
  4. Do you need to consult your adjoining neighbour